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Houston Chapter Luncheon: Core Values for Leadership and Team Connections


August 18, 2020
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Please join us for a session on

Core Values for Leadership and Team Connections

presented by Jacy Imilkowski

Program Description:
Does “fair” mean that everyone is treated the same, or that everyone is treated as an individual? The answer is: Yes.

Core values are the foundational, guiding principles that dictate human behaviors and actions. How we recognize people’s core values is one of the fastest ways to create a foundation of connection (or conflict) for the entire project. Identified values contribute to successful, customized solutions. Missed values lead to lowered team morale poor solution outcomes, and the cost of re-work while trying to meet their needs. 

Participants will learn to identify core values by:

  • Listening to what people are saying, and not just the words they use
  • Seeing personal and environmental cues that can indicate the expression of core values
  • Inquiring directly about values with positivity, respect, and acceptance

Knowing your team members’ core values gives profound insight into what keeps them connected and moving forward, even with conflicting beliefs or points of view. Following the session participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between personal, professional, and organizational values
  • Engage each team member uniquely using their personal and professional values
  • Apply a three-step process to prevent and resolve conflicts using core values
  • Build stronger relationships between team leaders, members, and stakeholders


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Thank you to our 2020 Platinum Business Partners for helping to sponsor this meeting.





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