Job Ad Specifications

pThe Houston Chapter of The Association of Legal Administrators charges a $50 fee for the use of our website job posting if you are not a law firm or legal department with a current member or a current Houston Business Partner. This fee will be payable to The Houston Chapter of The Association of Legal Administrators and funds will be used to maintain and update our website as necessary. Payment can be sent with job listing form to:

Doris Shastid
Houston Chapter ALA Job Bank Chair
c/o Coats Rose Yale Ryman & Lee
9 Greenway Plaza, Ste 1100
Houston, TX 77046

All ads placed with the Houston Chapter ALA Job Bank are limited to 100 words and are written by the advertisers themselves.

Advertisers are urged to submit ads which are in compliance with ADA, EEOC and Department of Labor standards. ALA encourages minority membership in the profession and the association.

Ads placed with the Job Bank are updated regularly and will be publicized for four consecutive weeks. If an ad is to be removed before the aforementioned time period, an e-mail should be sent to Doris Shastid, Volunteer Coordinator of the Job Bank, requesting that the ad be removed early.

Job Bank Disclaimer